Your Search Queries 13/02/2012 – 19/02/2012

One of the great things about Google Analytics is the vast wealth of information it makes available to me. I can see for instance what search queries I am getting listed for, and some of them I can give a simple answer for, so here goes! Last week you searched for:

01234 765093 / Computer virus phone scams

STOP! It’s a scammers phone number. They will call you up claiming to be from Microsoft or someone, they’ll con you into installing a back door for them to get onto your system before compromising it and holding it to ransom – pay up or lose your stuff!

Cisco routers

Now this is a wide topic, if you’re looking for information on buying Cisco routers then I can give you some pointers based on my experience. I find eBay is the best place to look and you should consider in order of increasing model numbers the 800, 1800, 2600, 2800, 3700, 3800 and 7200 series of routers depending on what you need. Be aware though that for the list I have just given prices can range from £10 for a 2600 to over £1000 for the 3800.

Raspberry Pi <something>

Lots of queries on the Raspberry Pi, and not much here to talk about at the moment. The boards are yet to ship, but once they do, I will be posting details of my exploits. In the meantime, you can get more information at the Raspberry Pi website.

Virgin Media Netgear Router

You guys seem to want to know the IP address and login for your router. Well providing they haven’t changed it, you need to go to and enter the username virgin and the password password. If they have changed it, I suggest you look on the bottom of the router as that is where you’ll likely find the password.


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