Callam McMillan MSci (Hons) DPS CISSP

Callam is an Information Security professional working in the Financial Services sector where he manages high performing teams. A problem solver, he is able to analyse large amounts of technical information and present it clearly to a wide range of audiences. Callam lives in Kent, United Kingdom and enjoys DIY, writing, watching the F1, and the occasional skiing holiday. While trying to avoid technology at work, at home he enjoys building computers and networks, and trying to figure out just HOW do you actually put lasers on sharks.

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I don't remember this story myself, but I have it on good authority that my first time on a computer was my first day at school when I went to play with whatever piece of computing history was in the classroom. My mum told me not to touch, to which the teacher replied to show my mum how to use a computer. That was the start of a 25+ year journey bringing me to where I am today. Unfortunately I missed the exciting growth of the internet in the late 90's and early 2000's, only getting online for the first time in late 1998 or early 1999 via a 56kbps dialup line on an ancient Compaq school laptop. By this point I was routinely fixing computers and learning how to code using QBasic and a syntax manual for an obscure BASIC dialect called OPL.

In 2006 I want off to Loughborough University to study Computer Science where I created this website. While there I got the opportunity to serve an industrial placement with Lehman Brothers and Nomura, working in an Infrastructure engineering team. I completed dissertation projects building a helpdesk management system and home automation as part of obtaining my Undergraduate Master in Science degree with a First.

Post university I spent 3 years as a graduate at the Financial Conduct Authority, including a secondment to the BBC. In 2015 I started as an Information Security Analyst working in a governance function which started my love of policy and the importance of metrics. In 2016 I began leading teams in both interim and permanent roles, before leaving in 2018 to join my current role managing a great team at the Charities Aid Foundation.

For the avoidance of doubt, the views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not reflect the views of my employer.

About CallamMcMillan.com

CallamMcMillan.com launched in July 2007 as an experimental test platform for my newly found skills in PHP and MySQL. It also gave me my a professional email address and some other services for my personal use.

After several iterations, I stopped trying to develop my own CMS, settled on wordpress and worried more about making great content.