Callam McMillan MSci (Hons) DPS CISSP

Callam McMillan is an Information Security professional working in the Financial Services sector where he leads high performing teams. Callam is a problem solver, able to analyse large amounts of technical information and present it clearly to non-technical audiences. He lives in Kent, England and enjoys DIY, writing, watching the F1, and the occasional skiing holiday. While trying to avoid technology at work, at home he enjoys building computers and networks, and figuring out how to actually put lasers on sharks.

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Soon you'll be able to click here and read the story of me. It started as me trying to write this introductory statement and kind of grew from there. That's kind of annoying since it meant I had to write a new introduction page. This is what I came up with. So as you may have guessed, my name's Callam McMillan, and this is my personal website. The people who know me best would probably agree with me when I say I can have an opinion about anything. If I don't, give me an hour and I probably will. While this website was never started for this reason, having it available meant it was only logical to share my thoughts and opinions. Clearly you wonderful people agree, since I started recording analytics in 2008, nearly 24000 of you have visited the site over 61000 times. My guide on setting up a Cisco router for BT Infinity has been read over 5200 times!

For the avoidance of doubt, the views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not reflect the views of my employer.

About CallamMcMillan.com

CallamMcMillan.com launched in July 2007 as an experimental test platform for my newly found skills in PHP and MySQL. It also gave me my a professional email address and some other services for my personal use.

Early on, I stated that I wouldn't use WordPress, or any of the other content management systems, as I simply couldn't get them to deliver what I wanted. The current website is version 7, with the previous versions offering a blogging type platform, or a placeholder with my details. For this version, I relented and installed WordPress, and it's now great. Because it just works, I can focus on producing content.