is 7

At seven years old, can now be considered technologically midlle-aged. And now, like many things that have grown up, people are starting to give the site more attendtion. Admittedly some of it unwanted, thank you very much spammers.

There are a couple of searches on Google for which this site comes up on page one. Searches that have nothing to do with my name or this site. One of my biggest successes is the article talking about how to connect a Cisco router to a BT Infinity fibre connection. For some searches on that, this site shows up as high as 4th position.

Those of you that have visited the site before will notice that the design has changed. It’s now cleaner and embraces some CSS3 to give be things like nice gradients and rounded corners, because everybody needs gradients and rounded corners! The site is also better optimised for search engines and there are 301 redirects on all the old content links, so until Google gets around to reindexing the site, everything still works.

Now that the site is sorted, I need to get myself into the same position. I love to have an opinion and to share it, but much of the time I find myself unmotivated to sit and put it into writing. With any luck I’ll get my writing mojo back and try to publish some interesting content in our seventh year.


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