I hate Lexmark… About as much as this cat!

I have never had a good relationship with Lexmark printers since the 3000 series from the late 90’s. Sadly they seem to have remembered this and are now determined to frustrate me on a daily basis.

Today I needed to print a label onto a C5 envelope, so I tell it to pick the envelope up from the manual paper feeder, I position the envelope and hit the print button for it to say “Insert media in paper loader” !!!!!!!! There’s a bloody envelope here, pick the bloody thing up and print on it! No wait, “Error: Guide rails not adjusted”… So mess around fudging the settings until it thinks it’s printing onto standard A4. Then it sucks the paper up and promptly jams! I HATE LEXMARK. If there was a company which deserved to be liquidated out of spite, Lexmark would be on the list.

Anyway, the reason for this post is there is a video which fairly accurately recreated my experiences. Enjoy!