Three Minutes… To describe why you hate Southeastern Trains

Three minutes, as in the period of time. It sounds like something you’d be expected to write about in school after annoying the teacher. I mean, what is there to write about the topic of three minutes? What if we then multiply those three minutes by five, as in the number of days in a working week. We now have a number of 15. Fifteen minutes is enough to actually do something useful… Or not, but it is enough time to do something. It is also the amount of time on average that Southeastern, the train company I find myself cursed to use to get to work take from me each and every week through delays. Multiply this number by a 48 week working year and you now have a cool twelve hours of delays from a mere three minutes a day!

There’s a joke: If a Swiss train is three minutes late then it’s either not a Swiss train, or it’s not a Swiss clock. Southeastern could do with thinking like that as in the last week the train has only been on time once, and on that occasion they didn’t have enough carriages to put a full train on. As a result, what should have been a very relaxing journey was actually a right pain in the arse.

I have to wonder some days what Southeastern think they are, as they sure don’t think they’re a train company.


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