Why I feel sorry for Julian Assange

I don’t for one second believe that Julian Assange is whiter than white, and if there was an offence of looking ‘shifty’, then send him down because he’s as guilty as hell. So why is he sitting as a political refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy? Some journalists are suggesting its because he’s trying to escape the equivalent of rape charges in Sweeden while George Galloway has tried to “help” by suggesting that what he’s accused of is not really rape.

So is Assange a rapist? I don’t know, and nobody seems to have all the facts, or is willing to talk about it. What it is safe to assume however is that if the whole affair was little more than a simple case of rape, then the Ecuadorians’ would be a little less willing to take him in and give him asylum while bringing down international condemnation on themselves. I imagine Julian Assange is truely afraid of what could happen to him because of Wikileaks, and personally I don’t blame him.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the whole Wikileaks/Anonymous type movement; I believe that governments, corporations and individuals have the right to conduct their business with the expectation of privacy and that this movement for nobody being able to work in secret is counterproductive. Conversely when you see American soldiers killing women and children in cold blood, then it becomes a little harder to justify that level of secrecy. I guess this is why Bradley Manning chose to leak this information to Wikileaks in the first place.

So the Americans are embarassed and somewhat pissed off. They already have Manning locked up while they decide what to do with him, and if the rumours are to be believed they would love to get hold of Assange as well. They may have already gone as far as preparing secret indictments against him. This is the real reason that Assange is holed up in an embassy trying to find a way out of this country, not the rape charges which by the way do sound awfully convenient… They had him when it happened, then let him go, and now they want him back.

Commentators with knowledge of the law suggest that it would be even harder for the USA to extradite Assange from Sweeden than it would be from here, but then again, this is America we’re talking about, a country which fails to respect its own laws and rights, let alone those of the rest of the world, for evidence of this look at the Kim Dotcom case. When you add in the fact that Sweeden refuse to give an assurance that Assange would not be extradited to the USA and that they refuse of accept the offer of Ecuador to question him in the embassy, then it stinks of a set-up and I don’t blame him for wanting to get as far away from it as possible.

Will we ever find out the truth? To be honest, it’s unlikely becuase the one thing that is in short supply is honesty. The Americans need to come clean and state categorically whether they want Assange or not and Sweeden needs to give an assurance that they won’t farm him on elsewhere. If these conditions are met then he should go to Sweeden and face the music. If the charges are flimsy, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Either way, I feel sorry for Julian Assange, now a prisoner to dumb politics.


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