Three months to the Olympics… Bring it on!

The last time I went to write about the Olympics my word processor kindly decided to lose all of the work I had done. I hindsight this may have been a good thing since it really wasn’t that good. Having passed the 100 day-to-go milestone last week however marked a good time to look again at a few of my thoughts about London 2012.

According to the naysayers, the end of the world is going to be Olympic shaped. Nobody is going to be able to go to work and we are all going to have to sod off abroad to stick our head in the sand for several weeks. Then we have the people who are looking to disrupt the games, either through protests or union activities. I have a message for all of them… Sod off and never come back!

Allow me to explain further. I’m not a massive Olympics fan, I’m just not sure that they’re worth the time, money and effort that the host country has to spend on it, and I don’t think it’ll leave a great legacy or be the economic miracle that it’s made out to be. However, I am proud that we managed to firstly win the games and secondly deliver them, although we are still three months away from the real test. I am also looking forward to the games, while I don’t have tickets to go to any of the events, I still support it. I will do my part for the Olympics by trying to adjust my working patterns and then I will sit back and enjoy the fun.

Look at it another way, they’re hardly going to cancel the whole thing because you don’t like it. So why not sit back and enjoy the fun. I am looking forward to seeing if Usain Bolt can set a new 100 metres world record, I want to see Team GB go for gold and I am looking forward to the sport pages of the newspaper being turned over to something other than f’ing football. What do you think?


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