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A gadget for the bloody minded…

Do you find yourself arguing with electronics? Are you bloody minded and refuse to give up? Well perhaps this isn’t the gadget for you! Introducing the Useless Box from ThinkGeek. There’s not much else I can say, so watch the video and then tell me if you can think of anything less useful. My submission is any Apple device.


Head protection not needed… There’s nothing inside

News from the Caribbean island of St Maarten where the airport backs onto the beach, meaning that anybody stupid enough can ignore the signs warning of injury and death hang onto the airport fence for dear life while being blasted with the wake from a plane preparing for takeoff. Today’s idiot did exactly that… And lost! Better still there is video of it happening. Ouch. Do you think it hurt?


Southeastern trains and the saga of the Biohazard Bog

On the 16th December, returning home from a night out, I find myself sat on a Southeastern train leaving London Victoria. Through the window of a train on the next platform I see a toilet door with Biohazard tape stuck across it. Over the next few days I see it several more time, even getting the chance to take the picture below. I then go off for a nice Christmas and New Year break. Cut forward to today, almost three weeks after I first saw it, which could have been some time after it was locked and taped up and…
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