Southeastern trains and the saga of the Biohazard Bog

On the 16th December, returning home from a night out, I find myself sat on a Southeastern train leaving London Victoria. Through the window of a train on the next platform I see a toilet door with Biohazard tape stuck across it.

Over the next few days I see it several more time, even getting the chance to take the picture below. I then go off for a nice Christmas and New Year break.

Cut forward to today, almost three weeks after I first saw it, which could have been some time after it was locked and taped up and guess what… It still hasn’t been sorted out!

So why am I moaning? Well for a start, Southeastern trains are quite happy to take stupid amounts of my money for me to use their late, cramped, overcrowded, unreliable and frankly rubbish trains, so surely the least I should be able to expect is a working toilet and faults that get fixed quickly.

Also, while I don’t really know what happened in the toilet to warrant the Biohazard tape, nor do I really want to know, I am curious as to how long it will take for them to sort it out? Surely leaving it in there for three weeks doesn’t actually fix the problem, unless they are waiting for whatever it is in there to mutate into a biped and walk out. This is of course totally possible in the time it takes Southeastern to get a train to its destination.

Update 04/01/2011: The saga is now entering its third week as of tomorrow, although tonight both trains were out of action!


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