Seriously… Who falls for this?

I’d like to draw your attention to an email I received today, to complete it and to ask who the hell falls for this rubbish?

From: jeny mabi –
Bcc: Callam McMillan –

Hello and how are you today, i am Jennifer a young girl with a good heartfor [sic] friendship. I felt we could make good friends and share good thoughtsand [sic] reasoning together, feel free to mail me anytime you may find convenient. Be expecting to read from you soon, do have a wonderful day andstay [sic] blessed. Jennifer.

COME ON! If this doesn’t scream get in touch with me, make friends with me, then I’ll have an emergency and need money from you, and perhaps use your personal details for a bit of fraud at the same time. Then I don’t know what does; in fact the only thing likely true about this message is that the sender isn’t called Jeny!

I’m in two minds about the people that send this rubbish. Part of me would like to round them up and gas them, although that is still probably too good for some of these scammers. The other part of me laughs at their entrepreneurial spirit – I mean, if you’re stupid enough to fall for this kind of scam then they deserve your money because you’re a moron!

On my contact page it says “I don’t care if you’re a Nigerian prince looking to move your millions, I am not in need of viagra, nor cheap watches or whatever the latest scam happens to be, so please save the poor electrons the hassle of ferrying your garbage and don’t even bother!” Perhaps I should add on stupid unsolicited requests for close friendship that have crap spelling and no comprehension of grammar?

SCAM WARNING: If you get an email from, do yourself a favour and consign it to the junk bin!


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