My Raspberry Pi is in the oven

Just under a week ago, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced that a big bit of news was coming on Wednesday morning at 6am. Hopefully this was the release of the Pis’. Well, not exactly, the announcement was that they had partnered with RS and Farnell to manufacture and distribute Raspberry Pis’, and within two minutes both websites had been DDOS’d offline. Since then I have managed to get an order in with Farnell for a Pi, and will hopefully receive it in the coming weeks.

Worryingly though my Google Analytics reports are showing that people are searching for “Raspberry Pi Scam” or words to that effect. So this is also a message to tell people not to worry!

Let’s start with the basics. Originally the foundation was going to have the boards made in batches of 10k and then arrange worldwide distribution. What they decided to do in fact is have RS and Farnell distribute the pre-made boards and then manufacture more so that the waiting times and maybe the cost of the Pis’ can be reduced.

I think what people are unhappy about is because they couldn’t do what I was hoping to do, which is go onto the website at 6am and order a Pi for immediate delivery there and then. That’s not a scam, that’s something much more special, a small British charity doing something so revolutionary that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people all want the same thing at the same time. The fact of the matter is that there was only ever going to be 10,000 units at launch, even if ten times that number of people had signed up to the mailing list. What they expected though is that only the likes of me would order one, in which case all would be fine. Instead, the world and their dog thought the Pi was a great idea, and the initial run must have run out extremely quickly.

So what now, well it is beginning to look like you can order them, even if you may have to wait a while for it to arrive. It’s probably going to be a couple of months before they are available and in stock. While you wait though, be happy it exists, and try to think of a use for it other than a media centre, it’s better than that.


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