October: What a month!

Well, that was quite a month. Today is a rather wet and cold haloween night and this is the first post I’ve had a chance to put together this month. Admittedly a lot as happened, both for me and in the wider world.

For the first two weeks of the month I was in Taiwan celebrating my wedding with my wife’s family which was hectic to say the least. I also had an interesting driving lesson, learning to navigate the mass of scooters zipping around Taipei like a game of Asteroids! On the plus side though, my wife is now back in the UK.

On that note, when applying for a spouse visa to come to the UK, if you get the option of quick processing which will cost around £80, take it! The visa was issued in 10 working days, which when you consider the speed at which the Home Office tends to work is amazing.

On the website, October 6th was the date of the first article on this website, discussing the “loss” of Steve Jobs. I totally forgot about this though else I would have written a follow up article, something I shall now do in the coming days.

Also, anybody visiting regularly will notice there are a considerable amount of comments awaiting moderation. Sadly these are all spam, since the spammers seem to be using humans to defeat my Google Captcha, seemingly unaware that nothing they ever post actually makes it onto the site. Sadly I haven’t yet had time to write the comment moderation system and don’t think I will have for a little while. As such it may take some time for your comment to be approved.


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