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With the completion of a couple of bugfixes and the publication of the RSS feed yesterday, the main development work on CMv6 is now complete and is now online. What this means is that while I still need to do some development work on the site, most of this is now cosmetic, or on the back-end of the site and the main focus is on content. This post will look at a few of the outstanding tasks and some of the issues the site faces.

The first thing is that all the main functions needed to make the site work are online, although I may make some CSS tweaks to add in a code displaying font and tidy up the comments section amongst other things. Meanwhile I will be adding an administrative function that refers unmoderated comments to a database which tracks forum scammers. The result of this is that I will be able to get a much better view of who is spamming my site and who is a genuine user. The problem I have is that I do not want to see my site misused, but nor do I want to be accused of censoring opinions I don’t like. It’s a complex position to be in and I may look for a way of reducing the problem further

The next big change I need to make is to the way in which pages are rendered. At present the page you are reading is built in the traditional way. You start with the index, then you include the CSS, the menus and finally the content. The problem is that to do stuff like set the page title requires a line of Javascript. This means that if the page is for instance embedded on Facebook, the correct title will not display. The solution for this is to build the page dynamically, meaning that the page is built on the server before being output to the client thus resolving the last few problems we’re having.

Other than that; it’s all about the content, and if you have any suggestions for new content of bug-fixes we may have overlooked, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message in the contents.


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