Version 6. Mainly Online

A little bit of effort over the past couple of weeks appears to have paid off, so as 2011 draws to a yawning close, I am pleased to say that I have got the site largely operational. It is now possible to post entries to it such as the one you are reading, and you can even comment on said entries.

In January, I am off to get married in Taiwan, so I can’t imagine I will be doing much. In fact I know I won’t be doing much to the site! However when I get back I want to get the RSS feeds sorted, along with paginating the list pages so once the number of entries grows, the size of the pages does not become excessively large.

Beyond that it’s just a matter of keeping the lights on, a few cosmetic tweaks and lots of posting new material. If you’re reading this, then you’ve found the site and had a look around which is what I was hoping for.

Thanks a lot. Wishing you a happy new year and a fantastic 2012!



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