Lords reform is dead – now what do we do?

You should have seen Nick Clegg announcing that the Liberal Democrats were dropping their plans for reform of the house of Lords – it was quite a sight because you know what he really wanted to say was “You Tory bastards!!” In short, a rare dose of sanity has blanketed itself over Westmister and faced with significant enough opposition to Lords reform that passing it into law would be unreasonably delayed, they have backed off and laid these plans to rest.

What is unclear at the moment however is how much of a fatal wound this decision is to the coalition. Like a spoilt kid who has just had his favourite toy taken away, Nick Clegg is now whining that he won’t support boundary reform. Meanwhile Ed Milliband is harping on about how David Cameron can’t control his government and Dave has remained quiet on the issue today; perhaps because he’s more concerned with the important things like how great we’re doing in the olympics?

The best case scenario (for the Liberal Democrats) from here until the end of the parliament in 2015 is that the coalition stumbles on like a drunken Elephant. Sure, there will be a trail of destruction, and the Liberals won’t contribute to anything important, but at least they’ll still have some power.

I’m not sure this will happen though, I think the coalition will implode long before the next general election. The only problem is what happens in the aftermath. Labour would be as much of a disaster as the Liberals – spend spend spend and to hell with how to pay for it. The best case scenario is a majority conservative government with the case for major cuts to expenditure into the welfare state and NHS and lots more spening on our Police and military. Problem with that is David Cameron really isn’t up to the job, Boris Johnson would make a good leader, but he’s tied up as the Mayor of London until 2016, even if he wanted the job; while David Davis isn’t a contender any more.

So back to my original statement: Lords reform is dead – now what do we do? Answers in a comment below!


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