DIY Electronics and Home Automation – Part 2 – Building your Lab

This is the second video in my series on DIY Electronics and Home Automation. I am looking at what you’ll need for your lab and how you go about setting it up.

This multi part series of videos looks at building a DIY home automation system and some basic electronics. In this video, I introduce the tools, equipment and components you will need for your lab.

Tools, Equipment and Components:

From Maplin:
Triple Output PSU

From eBay:
Solder Pump
Soldering Hands
Iron Stand
Heat Resistant Mats
Test Leads
Blue LEDs

From Rapid:
Red, Green and Yellow LEDs
IC Extractor
Push-to-Make and Push-to-Break Switches
DPDT centre-off slide switches
DPDT slide switches
0.25W resistors (Various resistances)
0.5W resistors (Various resistances)
Electrolytic and Ceramic capacitors
Various IC sockets
1N4007 Diodes
Low and High Power NPN Transistors
PNP Transistors
Preset potentiometers
Linear potentiometers
Filament bulbs and holders
DPDT Relays
Light Dependant Photoresistors
555 Timers


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