Happy 2016 Everybody

So here we are, mid way through the first week of the new year. The hangover of the holiday has been replaced by work, chores, and of course, eating the customary mountain of Christmas chocolate. Overall though, 2016 is looking to be a good year. For me, my personal highlights in 2016 will be becoming a father. Marking 10 years since I left secondary school, and five since I graduated from university. Also, continuing to grow in my role as an Information Security Professional. I’ve resolved to lose some weight, which means cutting down on the aforementioned chocolate, and getting back to the gym. Things I’m going to continue are trying to learn German through the DuoLingo app I’ve been using for the last year. Given that learning new languages doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s slow going but worth it. Finally I’m trying to get my head around the concept of Foreign Exchange trading. I can’t see myself switching careers, or actually trading, but having a friend involved in it has piqued my interest in what is a very technical subject.

What does all this mean for the website, which turns nine years old in the summer? Well, the move to WordPress a couple of months back has been an overwhelming success. As such, save for perhaps a new logo, I cannot see any need for a redesign or replatforming of the site for many years to come. I’m hoping to put up much more content on the site this year, including a 10,000+ word guide on pfSense spread over 6 articles, which will be released over the space of a couple of weeks. There will be new content focusing on Technology and Information Security. I also have a rule that says “If an argument isn’t contentious, then it isn’t worth having it.” So I may decide to stick my two cents into things that grab my attention. Looking towards the technology sector in 2016 there are things afoot that will present a fundamental change to the way our societies work – the self driving car being one of them. Changes to laws around physical objects such as “drones” or UAVs, and to conceptual objects such as the use of end-to-end encryption in Internet services are cause for concern and scrutiny. Meanwhile, the continuing push towards commoditisation of computing equipment means ever more amounts of processing power are available to ever more people at ever lower prices. There’s fun stuff in the form of Formula 1, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see how Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX ventures fare over the next 12 months.

As the saying supposedly goes: “May you live in interesting times.” 2016 is certainly looking like it’ll be an interesting year for better or worse. So all that’s left to say is bring it on!

All the best,

Wooden support holding a ceiling up!

Oh, here’s my final picture of 2015 (I’ve yet to take one in 2016.) What you’re looking at in an emergency support I had to build out of 4×4 and 5×2 after some cowboy builders knocked down a supporting wall of my friends house without propping it. This could be used as a metaphor for so many things. I also needed a picture for the article!


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