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I wasn’t sure how to file this article as I wrote it, In the end I went for education because I certainly learnt a lot from it. Normally, my wasting time on the Internet involves looking at cat videos, or stupid people doing stupid things that result in lots of pain (Say the last bit with the Mr. T voice). Then somehow I came across this guy – Abom79, or Adam Booth to give him his real name. Adam is a metal machinist and engineer who uploads a series of excellently produced videos showing him working on projects for his customers. The videos are fairly long at around 30 minutes or more each – but it’s better than almost anything on Television.

Here’s one of my favourite videos. It’s the first part of him machining a new shaft for a huge gear and bearing. Sadly Part 2 is currently nowhere to be seen, but it’ll be worth a watch when it us. Until then, sit back for the next 33 minutes and watch this:

Good, isn’t it. When you watch some of the videos of him working on smaller projects, you realise even more what an amazing set of skills he has, and how useful it is to be able to work with metal. I’ve always fancied having my own workshop, but thanks to Abom79’s videos, it’s definitely something I want to do.

The think I love most about watching these videos, especially compared to others is the professionalism. First, he has the presenting and video style just right. There’s enough information so you can understand what’s going on, but he never nannies you. He doesn’t make any apologies if you don’t understand what he’s talking about. Also impressive is his work ethic. From the little things like always wearing appropriate eye protection to working in a well equipped shop with the right tool for the job – rather than bodging something using whatever tool you have on a lathe in your garage next to your car.

Anyway, there you go: Abom79, an interesting YouTuber worth a watch.



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