Five years of Stupidity

In the first of the articles looking at what has happened in the five years that has been online, we look at the actions of stupidity. This has to be the easiest of the articles to write since actually, stupidity hasn’t changed at all. People were as stupid in 2007 as they are today. What has changed is the visibility that that stupidity has had.

Once upon a time, the best way to see stupidity in action was to watch shows like You’ve been Framed where you would get to see sanitised home videos. Then the internet and especially YouTube came along. Now we can see raw, unedited stupidity in all its original glory, usually posted within minutes of it happening.

In this clip, found by searching YouTube for “Stupid people getting hurt”, you can see a collection of idiots pulling silly stunts and getting it wrong. It’s standard clip show material.

Then we have the people who get recorded saying stupid things like the woman who goes into a racist rant on a train, something for which she was later arrested for. The name of this woman is Emma West. Having seen this and what happened, you would think people might be a little more careful when on a train, but no, plenty more are available.

Then finally we have the idiots like this one that permanently remove themselves from the gene pool. In this video we have some nut in India who, while walking on the top of a train grabs hold of a high voltage cable before getting two massive whacks and dropping down smoking.

Of course, if that’s all a bit depressing then we can add in another internet favourite. So here’s a video of cats doing stupid things… Be warned however that this video may lead to hours of watching cat videos!


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