Todays fight: Darwin vs. India Furness and the Ski Run

As a species we start life at a significant disadvantage to Darwin. While Darwin has lined up a huge number of wonderfully exciting ways in which we can remove ourselves or be removed from the gene pool, we start life with the ability to make noise, usually when it’s least appreciated. Over time we develop ways to keep ourself safe, like remembering to look before you cross the road, and that’s usually enough to keep Darwin at bay.

Then though there are times in which even Darwin would be stunned by the lengths of stupidity people will go to in their attempts to remove themselves from the gene pool, and so we come to the subject of todays post. India Furness, 9 from Cerne Abbas in Dorset. According to the media, India lost control while skiing on a black run, crashed through a safety fence, the window of a chalet and finally the wall, which appears to have been more solid than the human cruise missile. She is currently in hospital where she is described as being in a serious but non life threatening situation. Lets just hope her parents have enough travel insurance!

On its own, this would probably get a mention, as it’s not every day that somebody skis through a building, but what elevated it to being funny enough to make me have a laugh at seeing it is that my niece did something very similar, however instead of crashing through a safety net, she crashed through some poor guys leg, breaking it. Her problem was that rather than listening to instructions and slowing up at the bottom of the run, she went into the queue full speed ahead.

I think we’ll call the score on this one 2-1 to Darwin, she survived but I bet she feels a bit sore right now. And remember, when you’re heading off the side of a mountain, throwing yourself to the ground is probably the safer bet! It’s just a shame the video isn’t on YouTube.


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