Site Admin is now built on WordPress, following many years of running on a custom built CMS. In these articles we look at the business of Site Admin – both technical and practical. Running a website is a combination of producing great content that people want to read, but also dealing with spam, updates, and people trying to break into your website. Hopefully, some of this will help to make your life easier.

HowTo: Manage Timestamps in a custom PHP/MySQL blog system

After my rant the other day about the state of Taiwanese politics, I thought I would lighten the mood with a technical article on how this website now does timestamp management, something which may be useful should you be looking to build a blogging system of your own, or any other sort of time indexed system. What follows is an incrementally built system for timestamp management with the rationale behind each increment explained, and some coding hints for implementing it. I am aware that in the strictest sense, what follows may not be considered good database design however I have…
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Share Version 6. Mainly Online

A little bit of effort over the past couple of weeks appears to have paid off, so as 2011 draws to a yawning close, I am pleased to say that I have got the site largely operational. It is now possible to post entries to it such as the one you are reading, and you can even comment on said entries. In January, I am off to get married in Taiwan, so I can’t imagine I will be doing much. In fact I know I won’t be doing much to the site! However when I get back I want to…
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Share Version 6. A major milestone

After a several week break while I settled into my new job, I have finally got back to working on my website. The upshot of this is that the main part of the blogs are now operational in that I can post entries into all four blogs and they can be read and filtered. So where now? First thing to do is get some content up onto the site so it doesn’t look so bare. Following on from that the small things to do are to add paging to the list pages, add a way of syndicating the entries into…
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